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For Sellers

Makras Real Estate Sales Division has built a solid reputation for professionalism. Proven marketing methods are offered to market property which will maximize your sales price.

Marketing Methods:

We make a thorough Market Analysis of your property to establish an equitable sales price.
We place your property in the Multiple Listing Service which exposes your property to hundreds of real estate offices and thousands of real estate agents.
We advertise your home in the newspaper.
We advertise your home in the Real Estate Times.
We post a For Sale sign.
We design a custom property statement for your property with a picture to be distributed to prospective buyers.
We provide direct mailing to prospective buyers and adjacent neighbors.
We deliver property statements to other Realtors who are active in the neighborhood in which the property is located.
We hold Open House.
We negotiate with prospective buyers.
We help buyers obtain financing (Many times there are 7 to 8 methods of financing available).
We assist clients in compliance with City, County, State and Federal requirements.
We handle escrow procedures.
We go through your closing costs and leave you with an estimate of your net proceeds.
We try to save you money whenever possible.
We try to help you avoid problems and assist you should any arise.

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